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'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.': Chloe Bennet, Brett Dalton think Ward is not fully HYDRA - Zap2it


I love that Zap2It got their asses handed to them by Chloe and Brett!

They actually think people don’t ship Skyeward anymore and Chloe told them flat out that we still do. Chloe and Brett even said they were going down with this ship! Our captains everyone!

Then they actually asked the question about Buddy the dog and got the answer that you just know THEY DID NOT WANT!!! Buahahahaha!!! Buddy lived! Ward did not shoot the damn dog! It has been CONFIRMED!

I feel like the haters all had a major setback this weekend. That’s why they’re bitching, right? Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll stop watching the show so they don’t have to talk about it anymore!

Also, screw you Zap2It! You got what you deserved!

Comic-Con 2014 Red Carpet Roundup


Comic-Con 2014 Red Carpet Roundup

Comic Con Roundup

Here is a final roundup of the other starlets who caught my eye during last weekend’s Comic-Con 2014.

Willa Holland: I am sure you’re not surprised to discover Willa caught my eye in her brightly coloured Milly floral wave-print cut-out dress wisely styled with a simple solid-white pump.

Chloe Bennet:Crop tops cropped up several times on the Comic-Con red carpet this weekend. Chloe stood out in…

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