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swarming0 asked:

Once, Nat and Maria go on a double date at a carnival with Steve & Sharon. The carnival rides are old fashioned and remind Steve of home, he doesn't much like the new amusement parks. Years after they visit, there are whispers among the carnival workers of the Terrible Four who won every single game. There's still the highest score on rifle and pistol shooting. The bell is missing from the strongman game, legend has it, it flew into the sky and became a star.


Of course, the first time Maria convinced Nat to go, she was hardly expecting Nat to be as good as she was at…everything. The shooting game high scores were to be expected, but it turned out that Clint had taught Nat all the secrets to all the games (because you learn these things when you live with carnies) and so a big part of going with Steve and Sharon was to show off. Maria and Sharon spent most of the time doubled over laughing at the reactions people had to Steve and Nat’s skills. They left with more stuffed animals than they knew what to do with (most of which later went to a children’s hospital). And they found the bell in the parking lot later. Steve wanted to bring it back, but Nat had already started spreading the legend around and she forbid it.

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