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The Amazing Leo Fitz Appreciation [0/?]

I’ve noticed some people saying that before season 2 Fitz was only an addition to Simmons, had no purpose in the show beside his relationship with her as a part of Fitzsimmons, and he was, to put it bluntly, shallow, getting his character development only after the pod incident.

I won’t repeat myself (if sombody wants to read my detailed opinion about this view, here it goes), so straight to the point. Since it mad me very mad that people see him this way, I decided to count every amazing thing Fitz did all by himself. Not as a part of Fitzsimmons. Not as an addition to Simmons. Not because of Simmons or for her to notice him. Only plain genius, amazing Leopold Fitz, who’s “just a man”.

"And by luck I mean unappreciated genius". He has said this in the Pilot, and people still don’t get it. Everyone appreciate Simmons for every tiny thing she’s done, but everybody just forget what Fitz has done and treat it like it’s nothing worth mentioning. And so I will mention it- a reminder that Fitz as a person is amazing, not an extra to his best friend/ love interest.

So prepare yourself, here it comes.

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