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night-wing-ding asked:


Send me ♔ if you want a headcanon about our muses relationship

At some point, Thea and Dick find out about each other’s identities. When Thea is working with Merlyn, Dick tries to stop her several times by reasoning with her as Dick instead of Nightwing. Eventually when she takes on the identity as Speedy and doesn’t work for the bad guys anymore, Dick and Thea become great allies and team up on multiple occasions.


Bucky had been looking over old newspapers and other things in the archives. A way to try and help him remember events, put things back in order. Some things had been given to him by Nick Fury, things specifically about the Howling Commandos. He saw a picture of Howard and Peggy. Peggy wasn’t the…



Steve and Bucky have a (not so secret) epic gay romance going on, and all the Howling Commandos have figured it out. It’s pretty obvious to them, but they don’t want anyone figuring out that they know, so they use codewords like RLB and SNBFR, etc… just amongst themselves, mostly, sometimes with Philips or Peggy. They all think they’re being so subtle, but they really REALLY aren’t. Steve and Bucky think their friends are all awesome.

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